Our Process

We want to meet and exceed your expectations. To do that requires a thorough understanding of our client’s needs and goals as well as excellent communication on our part. When we first meet, we will ensure your questions for us, as well as our understanding of your target audience and specific goals are understood and documented.

We develop a plan that includes the training our high-performance staff needs so they can meet your goals. We will be in contact with you before we launch, during our engagement, and afterwards to ensure you are on board with the point-of-sale setup and approach, are kept in the loop on the campaign progress, and get communication on the final performance results.

Our Channel Service Portfolio


Retail and Kiosk Sales









How We Work Together

Our 3P approach covers all stages of our client engagement and ensures the long-term success of our clients:


Together, we identify your challenges in customer acquisition and configure the best success strategy. Your team works together with our team of experts to tailor solutions to meet your sales and marketing targets, including the implementation method, timeline and skill-mix.


Our sales associates go through a robust training program to ensure compliance with your training guidelines, all regulatory requirements, and to represent your brand adequately. Once trained, we will run a proof-of concept to ensure success and allow for any fine-tuning before the launch. This way, we provide high-quality results and meeting the objectives set in the planning stage.


Once the training is completed, and the learning and modifications from the pilot campaign are fully aligned with your objectives, we begin to scale out your campaign across your target markets. It doesn’t end there. We support you during and after the campaign, as we monitor real-time performance with cutting-edge technology. This helps us to adjust to achieve continuous success. Furthermore, we commit to recertifications and continuous compliance.


How We Stand Out


Performance Tracking

We prove our promises with hard facts – whether it’s the conversion rate, retention, NPS, or other metrics, we will provide measurable results.


We use modern technology to engage clients, process payments, and track engagement. Contact us to see a demo or discuss opportunities for your specific use case.

Regulatory Compliance

We ensure our sales specialists are trained to meet your industry’s regulatory requirements, so you are protected. This also applies to technology or data compliance (e.g., PCI compliance for the payment process, HIPAA compliance, etc.).

Creative, Innovative Solutions

We want our clients to stand out in the market – that means we will partner with you to create solutions that truly set you apart while meeting your goals. If we did what everyone has always done, you would get what everyone has always gotten – the same results! We beg to differ.

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